The big idea and tech specs

A true Zero Emission Vehicle

Scouter will enable healthy city transportation and make city life cleaner, safer and more fun. It is affordable to buy and own, and it offers the same short distance transportation capacity and privacy as a car, while keeping the user and environment in good condition.

Just imagine how wonderful the city would be without cars. The streets would be more open for Scouters, bikes, pedestrians and public transportation like trams. There would be less noisy traffic and more fresh air with a lot of room for people, trees and plants. It would be so much easier to go to a park, a café or for shopping – and just enjoy everyday life.

We develop solutions that allow people to be kings of the cities. Drive Scouter and become a part of Scouter Community!

Technical specifications

Let’s make the cities cleaner and ideas flow!

Scouter is an innovation platform. It opens up unlimited possibilities for personal transportation needs and new innovative business ideas. We have invented a few, share yours and we‘ll create new business together. Contact us to hear more about Scouter and its possibilities!

Technical specifications

Take a closer look to Scouter

Scouter carries a driver with cargo or several passengers with some baggage, or anything in between.Scouter is a light electric vehicle (e-Bike, L1e-A in Europe). So, anyone can easily own and drive it without hassle. There‘s no need for a driver‘s license, vehicle registration or annual inspections, and the vehicle may be covered by home insurance, depending on your location.Scouters have a speed and range that is comparable to electric cars in urban transportation. Yet, Scouter weights only a fraction of a typical electric car and is much more efficient. About a quarter of the existing wind turbines would generate electricity for as many Scouters as there are people!scoterimg

Technical specifications

    • Width 1000 mm
    • Length 2200 mm
    • Wheelbase 1650 mm
    • Turning radius 3500 mm
    Electric motor
    • Maximum Power 1000 W for an e-bike
    • Voltage 48 V
    • Front type: Disk
    • Rear type: Disk
    • Park brake
    • Platform: to be defined
    • Chassis: depends on design and materials used
    • Unassisted trailer without brakes: to be defined (kg)
    • Electrically assisted trailer: to be defined (kg)
    • Maximum speed: Varies according to driver. With motor up to 25 km/h (in Europe)
    Acceleration(0–15 km/h)
    • Varies according to driver.

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